Views and cached data

When someone opens a Blippa object, the data is fetched in real-time and shows the current data.
However, in Views the behaviour is a bit different:
In order to render a View, Blippa needs to open each object and look inside to get all the variable data.
If the variable comes from an external Data Source, a connection to that DS needs to be made in order to extract the current data.
This has to be done for each and every object and is very time consuming, resulting in waiting times like one or two minutes in some Views.
To address this issiue, the Views are made of cached data. The cache is updated every time an object is saved. This makes the rendering much, much faster.

The downside of the cache is that if a value in a external data source is changed, Blippa is normally not notified about the change and therefor the cache contains old values.

There is currently only one workaround available: To make a Worker process do a sync job at regular times.
For Data Sources that provides a feedback to Blippa (like Websockets etc) it might be possible to make a better real-time view, but sadly there are very few API:s that offer this.

As for now, we have added a new Object Variable: $var:object-modified-date$
This shows when the object was last saved and the cache was updated.

Note: You can control how the variable shall be rendered, see the options in this post.