Using Blippa to sync orders from Monitor ERP to Trello

One of our customers needed a system to manage the order&shipping process. We told them that even though Blippa is a Swiss Army knife, capable of providing solutions to very complex scenarios, we ourselves use Trello as our bread&butter system for almost everything.
But the problem was that there is no connection from their ERP system (Monitor) to Trello.
Since we have a good relationship with the customer, we helped them to develop this, utilizing the Blippa platform (since we already have building blocks like a Trello integration, worker processes, security, API etc.)
So, we developed a Monitor G5 integration for Blippa.
And a worker process that syncs Monitor with Trello.

And the result is great!
All orders are automatically appearing in Trello, created by templates for each destination country.
Then, the staff manually moves the Trello cards (from left to right) depending on what stage in the delivery process they are in.

Finally, they have a very good overview of the current order&shipping process :slight_smile: