The new Shopping Cart

We have now added a Cart to the Form builder.

With this, you can allow items to be added to the Cart and later checked out.
Please note that the cart can span over multiple objects, since it is connected to the user profile.
This way, you can add the cart function to any form and have all collected items to appear.

At this moment, we have not added the pricing features to the cart. Right now it is just used for providing a smooth ordering process.
The case is about mobile phone stickers and how to re-order these.
A qr code is placed inside each product canister (about 400 canisters/products in total).
When stock is getting low, the staff member scans the qr code and gets into the ordering process.
Several QR codes can be scanned quickly, allowing for a smooth ordering process.
When the order is placed. form actions puts the order into a Big Commerce system and into a Google Sheet. Also, an email is sent.

New variables to use on receipts etc:
cart-articles-count: number (unique) articles in the cart
cart-items-count: number of items in the cart
cart-total-sum: total sum in cart