The new Object variable and the Link function

The use case here was a customer that wanted to make Blippa objects for each employee, showing data from the HR system (Hailey) togheter with data from the car fleeet management system (Geotab) and data from Blippa itself (number of car washes, number of accidents etc etc).

And, in order for a user (employee) to get to their own blippa object (webpage) there needed to be some kind of link button that worked the same no matter what car page the user was looking at.

Until now, the Link function has only supported URLs and fixed object links, making ot clumsy to use in an automated scenario where the object links are depending on variables.
So, first we added a new type of variable: Object
Then, in Link, we added the “Link to object from variable” setting. This allows you to make an Account Profile variable with the type “object” and have a Link in a function block that points to this variable.