The new Blippa Datasource in Beta!

We have now made a native database to use inside Blippa.
Using Google Sheets or Excel files is not a suitable solution when it comes to data that is supposed to survive over a long time, even after employees have left the company etc. (Google Sheet files are normally tied to a specific user.)

As for now, the database is just a storage: You do not have access to formulas etc like in Google Sheets.
But, for storing things like colour, customer address details etc it works great! And fast!

Start by adding a Blippa Datasource (Labelsadmin-Settings-Data Sources).
Give it a name and check “Allow new data rows to be added ad-hoc”.
Then Save.

The data source is now created but has no data.

Click Edit and add your data headlines as Columns
Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 13.42.53
Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 13.43.21

You can now add some data.

To use this Data Source: Create a variable, set the type to Data Source and select the new DS.