Tasks with rules are now available from Form Send to

We have started to create independent tasks that can be initiated from various parts of Blippa.

First out is email tasks. These can be initiated from Worker (i.e on regular times) or from Forms.

In the forms scenario, this enables the form to send different messages depending on the form input and variables.
Like: “We are sorry that you cannot attend the seminar” or “We are happy to see you coming to the seminar”.
Until now, it has only been possible to send one universal email as a response to a form submission.

With the new Tasks functionality, you can create numerous emails and connect these to different tasks using regular rules!

How to:

  • Create two different email tasks (Labelsadmin-Settings-Tasks).
  • In the Form, select Send to-Tasks and add the two tasks you created.
  • For each task, add a rule that uses one of the form fields and a value.

Note: Activites is another technology. Activities are running before any Send To action.