System Roles adds access for Police and other emergency services

In Sweden, there are quite a lot of boats stolen every year. Actually, it is not the boats themselves the thieves are after, but rather the outboard engines.
As a result, boats are found floating around without engines.
When these boats are found, the next problem presents itself: The lack of proper owner marking.
(For people outside Sweden. There is no central registry of boats in Sweden and boat owners are reluctant to demand such a registry due to the fear of a new boat tax…)

Since the Blippa QR labels are now being used by Swedish boat clubs, we started to think of how to make the owner details available for the Police, Coast Guard etc without violating the GDPR rules. (The owner details are only available for the club admins and night guards).
We realized that all staff of the Polie and Cost Guard had email addresses that could be used to make a Blippa login. At login, a pin code is sent to the mailbox. This way we can ensure that the user has at least access to the police mailbox and therefore we can grant access to the special police button that presents the owner’s details.
In order for this to work, the owner needs to approve this in the Settings menu.
No special administration needs to be done, any police with an active mailbox can use this function.
When the policeman/woman requests the owner’s details, an email is generated to inform the owner that the contact details were accessed by the police. This is to prevent any misuse.

As a side effect, we can now create System Roles for any government organisation that uses a specific email domain. These roles can then be used on any Blippa object!
Please note that the System Roles are not present in any lists and needs to be manually entered/pasted into the access sections.

Please contact Blippa if a System Role is needed.