Private Blippa QR domain with Loopia has built-in support for private qr domains.
This provides each individual URL link embedded in the QR code to be something like

This has two major goals:
1: To make it possible to change from Blippa to another system in the future, without the need to replace tens of thousands of QR-labels. Just change the DNS to point to the new system.
2: To ensure a better brand awareness.

To enable a private QR domain, please contact your Blippa representative to get the needed keys to be added to your DNS.
NOTE: The keys are only valid for 72 hours.

Then, in the Loopia DNS settings, add the following:

Add the QR domain first.

After adding the QR domain in step 1, add a CNAME with the verification data you got from Blippa.

The final step is to change the “Private domain name” in BlippaCom Account_General Settings
Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 09.43.45

Now, all previously generated QR codes will still work but new QR codes will have the new qr domain embedded.

Today all private domains will be redirected to after the first browser request but we are working to make Blippa truly non-visable, preserving the original all the way.
The main reason this is not implemented yet is the sign-in services (BankID, Google, Microsoft etc) and the needed federated sign-in functionality, preserving the one user/one profile approach currently in service in Blippa.

Update: We have now made it possible to retain the private domain in the browser address bar. (=no redirect)