Our own GS1 Digital Link Generator!

Working with GS1 Digital Link projects normally demands the generation of individual QR codes, each with its own serial number, batch, expiry date etc.

For a developer, it is fairly straight-forward to write a script that generates a file with a unique link on each row.
But for the rest of us, it is a bit of a hassle…

So, we created a new Blippa function that magically does this!
And, the result is not tied to a Blippa system at all!

The idea is that a factory can generate today’s links using a Blippa page (with the GS1 Link function).
Then, the file is inserted into the factory labelling system, which creates individual QR codes with the links from the file.
When someone scans the QR code (and the domain points to a Blippa-powered system), a Digital Product Passport is created automatically on the fly.
This way, there is no need to make complicated integrations between the factories and the Blippa systems!

Note: The speed is quite good, even at this lousy server:
100.000 links with sequential serial numbers take one second! (Plus the download time)

Try it out at https://dpp.digitallink.se/gs1digitallinkgenerator

PS: The API has also been updated to allow the same file generation DS

US customers: Use GS1 Digital Link Generator - by CXP