One Variable To Rule Them All: The Account Object Variable!

We have now made some improvements regarding variables.
Until now, there has been two options:

  • Object Variables
  • Account Object Variables

Object variables are, by far, the most used variable in all Blippa accounts because it is simple and gets the job done. Initially only intended to be used on an object. Then it appeared in Templates and Function blocks. And here came the problems: In order to use an object variable, it needs to be present on the object/template/function block.
So, there are cases with hundreds of variables copied to function blocks.
It works, but adds a lot of time to set up and maintain large Blippa systems.

The Account Object Variables was introduced to have variables to appear everywhere.
And that was the disadvantage: You do not want to have a zillion variables on every object, just the variables that is of use…

So, we made some changes:
Now, all Account Object variables are present in the “VAR-picker” (the variable picker available in most Blippa settings).
And, these variables are now shown in the Object-Variables tab, unless they have a value.
If you want to manually add an account object variable to an object, you can do so with the Add button.

With this, we are combining the best of the two worlds and giving our users one place to maintain all variables!

(We are also adding this variable picker to the Views settings, making it smoother to design Blippa dashboards with variables.)