New Data Source: Open Food Facts

For the GS1 conference in Orlando last week, we needed a way to demonstrate our Digital Product Passport (DPP) system.
First, we developed a Data Source for GS1 (US), but discovered that that database is rather anorectic and basically only contains the GTIN, some data about the GTIN owner and perhaps a product image.
So, we developed a second Data Source for Open Food Facts (see
With these data sources, we were able to make a “Scan-to-DPP” that allows anyone to scan a barcode of a food item and magically get a working DPP as a result :slight_smile:
The DPP will have a genuine GS1 Digital Link structure and some product data.
The data depends on if the product is present in Open Food Facts and/or in GS1.
Since the Open Food Fact data is user generated, it cannot be used for any official DPP but we decided to use it as demo data.

You can try it out at our new US system (hosted by our new US parten BL.INK) at
Just scan something from the fridge :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 16.27.08