New cache speeds up data from Google Sheet and Excel!

We have seen Blippa objects using data from eight different Google Sheets, resulting in slow performance. The slow performance is a result of the fact that all eight sheets need to be open (in full) and then the specific data extracted… Every time the object page is requested…

In order to keep the user-friendliness of having data in Google Sheets, we have now developed a shadow database that works as a cache, preventing having to fetch the data from Sheets at run-time.
As it works, Blippa gets notified of changes from sheets (with up to two minutes delay). When notified, Blippa re-fetches the object and stores the data in the native Blippa database.
This speeds the rendering of the “Eight Google Sheets”-object from 20 seconds to one second.
With Excel, a manual refresh is needed when using the Cache feature. Or using the Worker to refresh the data at certain intervals.
Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 10.42.18