New Admin Function: Move QR/LINK

We have now released a new Admin Function called Move QR/LINK.
With this, it is possible to add a button on the object page (view mode) that allows a qr code to be re-connected to another object.

Example: A boat club uses the Blippa system to identify the boats, trailers etc. However, some boat owners are reluctant to apply qr labels to their boats.
One solution is to put the qr label to the jetty/pier instead of the boat.
But when two boats change places, the labels needs to be moved or replaced.

With the new function, a button on the boat page is visible for Admins and allows the transfer to another boat.
So, the qr label can be used forever :slight_smile:

How to use:
In Labelsadmin, open the object functions (or Template-functions or Function Blocks) and Add Function.
Choose the Admin Functions tab and then Move/QR LINK.

Note: By default, this function is only visible for users with role Admin.