My Consents added to the User Profile

In our effort to provide SMS/Text messages to the US and Canada, we implemented a “Phone Consent” functionality.

Initially, this affects the One-Time Password (using the Phone option) plus Form.

So, in order for you to gather phone numbers, you will need to have an explicit user consent if the user has a Canadian or a US phone number.

To enable this:

    • First create an object with text that describes your policy.
    • In Labelsadmin-Settings-Account, select the policy object in the “Link to PCP (Phone Consent Policy)” and add your own short-text.
    • In Form-Settings, check the " Must consent phone.
    • In Login-OTH-Phone, check the “Require Phone Consent”

When the user consent, a new section is added to the user profile.
Here, the user can also rewoke the consent:
Skärmavbild 2024-01-29 kl. 21.20.33

Remains to be done in the future:

  • Make GDPR consent present itself in the user profile.
  • Make an option to let any object be a Consent, allowing for creating any kind of consent.

Please let us know in the comments how you would like this to work.