Log: Export & Import now available

There are a lot of boat clubs that are starting to use the Blippa system, mainly for keeping track of who-owns-this-boat/mast/trailer etc.
But, the boat pages include functions for the boat owners, such as a log book and a service log.

Into a near future, boats with service logs (in Blippa) will be sold.
And the service log needs to be transferred to the new boat owner.
This causes a problem since the log can contain various entries that depend on inherited functions to be displayed…
And a protocol is even worse than a form post…

To solve this, we developed a feature that can export all content from a log and embedded images into a zip file.
Then, on the “new” boat page, the new owner can import this file and restore all service records.

This even works with items like inspection protocols: They are automatically converted into PDF files and included in the (Zip-)export!