Impovement suggestions

Here are a few suggestions to improve the user experience and usability;

  1. In the settings tab for labelsadmin, please add a timestamp to all QR codes to make it easier to delete unwanted entries.
  2. When scanning a QR code for a connected object, it would be nice to have an option to remove the QR code from said object if you have the correct access rights. This would simplify handling erroneous entries a lot.
  3. When scanning a new QR code and you get to the admin page for connecting it to an object, in the “search object” box, it doesn’t list all hits you get to a search. It would be nice to get a notification on that.
  4. Seeing if an object has QR codes connected to it and how many on the start page for mobiles would improve the work for an admin a lot.
  5. If we change a misspelled boat in Bas-K it creates a new entry in Blippa and the old is discarded. This means any QR codes and data connected to the object is gone. It would be great if they aren’t and the data is preserved in a “deleted” tab where an admin can transfer all data to the “new” object. The long term solution would of course be that each object has a unique id that you can use but I understand that is not the case today.

That’s it for now!

5: When a new boat page is created the “old page” is not deleted, just made “not active”. So all data, pictures etc are still there.

Try this:
In BlippaCom (objects), delete the ”new boat” (since there is a setting that will prevent any duplicates).
Now, select the ”Show only inactive” and search for the ”old boat”.
Open the old boat and go to the Variables tab.
Delete the current (old) user and search for the new user.
Select the new user and save.

This should fix it. At least in theory, I have not tried this myself :slight_smile:
(You can try it out yourself at the playground BlippaCom. Same user name+password, all your data is copied from the production servers every night)

In the Blippa system, each boat is a Blippa object. The object is connected to a key consisting of something like member id+boat model (to allow one member to have several boats something more than just the member id was needed).
So, if you correct the spelling of the boat model in your member system, Blippa will treat tthis as a new boat and create a new Blippa object.
Also, since the old boat is no longer existing in the import file, the old boat will be made inactive.
But, there is one important thing to remember: the Blippa object is connected to the member through a variable. And this can be changed, changing all boat/member info on the object.
But the data added to the object inside Blippa, like uploaded pictures, added qr codes, service log etc will still be inside the object itself.
So, this makes it possible to ”reconnect” the object to the ”new” member-boat model.

Thanks for the input!
We have now made some improvements for you:
1: Sadly, adding a time stamp would cost a bit of performance in the big picture. But, we have made the QR codes lists with the oldest at the bottom.
2: We made a new (admin) Function for this. I took the liberty to add this to your boats, but only visible for “Funktionärer”:

When selected, you will the QR codes listed. The QR code that you used to get to the object will be highlighted in green. With the right access rights, you can delete the QR code from the object.

We will fix No4 in the near future.


Number 3 shall be fixed now, shows a scroll indicator in case of many hits.


We have now developed a new variable called $var:object-token-count$ that displays the number of QR-codes (=tokens) that are connected to an object.

I took the liberty to add this below the information about the boat owner in your account.
Only visible by Funktionärer and Admin.