How to make round QR codes and other fancy settings

From time to time we are getting requests for more graphically advanced QR codes.
Sadly, our limited developer resources prevent us from competing with solutions that are more focused towards design.
So, we have made it possible to create Blippa links and export them to a csv file.
This file can then be imported to another system to generate the QR codes.

Please note that there are some disadvantages with this approach:

  • You can not use the Blippa export-labels-to-PDF feature (that creates a PDF that is OK with the printing companies). You will need to make sure that you can get printed labels as a result…
  • You can not use the Blippa variables to have both a name and a connected QR printed on a label (as you can with the built-in Blippa label generator).

But there are also some advantages:

  • You can use a supplier that can produce labels with both QR and NFC in the same label.
  • You can use other formats and local print partners.

Here are two screenshots from

I will post some other QR generator sites in the comments.