External keys allows the use of foreign QR and barcodes

Some customers already have stickers with QR codes or barcodes. Normally, the contents of these codes are numbers or EAN codes.

To allow the use of these old stickers, we have developed a Blippa scanner that resides inside a Blippa HTML page.

Using the Scan function on a Blippa page or on https://my.blippa.com allows you to scan and search for a Blippa object with the external key number or string.

Create a Blippa object and add the External key 90311017 to it.
Then use the Scan function on https://obj.blippa.com or https://my.blippa.com
Aim the scanner interface towards this barcode:
barcode (2)

If the object is within your Blippa account/accounts, you should get a match.

You can also use the new Scan function from within an object: That will result in the option to add the barcode to the objects (external key).

Note: QR codes work much better than barcodes, please test this before deploying into a production environment.