Can we use Excel to create objects?

Excel is a great tool to use when creating hundreds or thousands of Blippa objects.

Combined with Blippas “Swiss army knife”, the variables, you can create thousands of individual objects in no-time :slight_smile:


  1. Create a Template.
  2. In the template, create variables to be used (like serial_number etc) for everything you like to have “dynamic”.
  3. Add the variables in pages, links, object descriptions, like "This boat has serial number $var:serial_number$ "Note: It is easiest to use the editor on the object page and from the menu select Blippa Inserts. Then you can see how the varables look and then cut/paste them to other places (like the Discription or Name fields).
  4. Click on the button with the three diots in the Template list.
  5. Choose Download Excel template.
  6. Paste your data into the Excel file and save the file on your computer.
  7. Click on the button with three diots again.
  8. Select Create objects from Excel file.
  9. Upload the Excel file.
  10. Done!