Blippademo: The secret demo entry!

When we at Blippa create accounts for customers, it is sometimes useful to have a demo Blippa object that is not fed from a Data Source.

Example: The Swedish boat clubs are uploading their member data as Excel files. And these files automatically create (and modify and delete) Blippa objects (=the boat pages).
However, to make a demo boat page would require the demo data to be included in the Excel file…
And, since the file is replaced automatically on a regular basis this is not a working solution.

The good news is that the Blippa developers came up with an elegant solution:

  • Select the Template and Create Object
  • In the field that selects the boat (i.e the Datasource mapping field), enter blippademo instead of a member name.
  • Then, and here is the secret: After typing blippademo, PRESS ENTER (or select blippademo from the list and press Enter.)
    Now, a new webpage opens where you can manually add your demo data!

This method works on all Data Source based objects, regardless if the DS is Excel, Google Sheet or others.

Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 12.27.24