Blippa now supports the GS1 Digital Link standard for product QR codes!

We have now implemented support for the new GS1 Digital Link standard!
These qr codes will replace the current barcodes and contain “unlimited” amounts of data.

The QR codes contain web links, like [

Try it here

Since the qr subdomain is DNS-pointed to the Blippa system, it will translate the /01/XXX into the GTIN number (=article ID, EAN). This is the same that is currently used in product barcodes.
But it will also detect Batch number, Expiration date and Serial number.
Blippa will feed these values to a Blippa template to create a unique web page for this particular product.
(You can play around with the URL above and change some values to see new web pages being generated on the fly).
Going forward, we will use this data as a query to all Blippa partner systems, adding information about Co2 footprint, recycling information etc, along with information from the producer (like instruction videos, service requests etc.)

Are you interested in testing GS1 Digital Link QR codes with your own products?
Contact me to set up an online meeting!

/Mikael Runhem (+46-708558899) m @

Here is the link to the standard specification.